About Cara Castronuova


Executive Director and Founder

“In the heart of the warrior there is no surrender, when the mind and body say quit- the spirit screams NEVER.”
- “Burning Heart” lyrics, “Survivor”, Rocky 4

Cara Castronuova is a celebrity fitness trainer, athlete, and television personality. She was featured as a head trainer on NBC’s hit The Biggest Loser, Season 11, where she helped propel the show to its highest ratings ever. She is a spokesperson for Puma, and the only female spokesperson on Everlast’s extensive roster of champions. Castronuova is a former champion boxer and two-time Golden Gloves Champion. Originally from Long Island, Castronuova graduated from Hofstra University with a Bachelors Degree in broadcasting and has put what she learned to good use in work as a boxing and fitness writer, as well as an announcer and sports commentator. She holds a master’s certification by the International Sports Science Association, and she is certified as a boxing coach by the New York State Athletic Commission. Castronuova got her start as a boxer. She first entered the competitive boxing arena by competing locally in boxing events, some while being a student at Hofstra. Her first championship was in 2002 at the New York Empire State Games. In shock at winning a gold medal, Castronuova decided to continue to box competitively throughout her years as a student at Hofstra and while a member of Sigma Delta Tau sorority.  She won a pair of “Silver Gloves” in 2004, the second-place prize in the famous Golden Gloves competition. Determined to redeem herself, she returned one year later and won her first New York Golden Gloves championship title at Madison Square Garden in 2005 and again in 2006 in front of a capacity televised crowd. She started competing nationally and was ranked No. 2 in the nation by USA Boxing. She went on to place in national tournaments and win numerous titles, such as the NYABC title, the Metros, and two Empire State Games. She also participated extensively in volunteer work at a community gym, coaching troubled youth and teaching them the virtues of boxing to keep them off the streets. Castronuova has trained extensively in martial arts and other fighting techniques, which led to acting opportunities as well, primarily as a stuntwoman and stunt coordinator. Castronuova combined her fighting and training background to start her company, Fighter Fitness, whose mission is to help people find “their fighter within” and make their own comebacks on the road to good health. Most recently, Castrounova has started Knockout Obesity, a charity aimed to help youth who struggle with obesity and need help in obtaining a healthy lifestyle.  This past summer the charity sent three children for a fun-filled summer at a premier weight loss camp, where they lost a grand total of over 100 pounds! Castronuova’s Knockout Obesity will continue to grant scholarships to need-based children to send them to existing weight loss camps. Castronuova’s charity aims at eventually creating its own non-for-profit summer camp program for need-based youth in the future.

She is also working on an upcoming DVD workout series to promote her message “Strong is the New Skinny,” and overall health, wellness, and finding your “fighting spirit.”